Who are we ?

Where ?

Those Who Say Ni (TWSNi in short) and (Wo)Men In Tights ((W)MiT) are subgroups of the Those Who Fight guild from the Steamwheedle Cartel (EU) server.

Why ?

They were created to allow guild members the possibility to raid, while maintaining a casual structure.

Oh! You were asking about the names… Well…
You'll figure this out once you start hanging with the teams. *wink*

When ?

Depending on quantity of members, the plan is to have two raiding teams.
In order to fit everyone's schedule, one will run mostly on weekends, while the other will run on weekdays.
Weekday runs mean Wednesday on, since raid instances reset on Tuesday night. Weekend runs will be on… Weekends.
The goal is to raid 2 times a week, with an optional 3rd attempt occasionally.

Who ?

Fairly new to the whole raiding affair, TWSNi and (W)MiT are currently struggling to advance inside the malevolently infested tower of the demised wizard Medivh (also known as Karazhan).

The weekday runs are led by the foolish, yet brave adventurers -

  • Elanoran Quiver-o-matic
  • Horax Mad Dog

The weekend runs will be led by -

  • Durbir
  • Ravenseye

Group members can be listed by using the The Fighters link on the left bar.


If you really feel so, press here. *wave*

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