Boss Tactics: Attumen the Huntsman

Encounter Flow

Encounter Setup: Midnight (Attumen's horse) stands alone. It is non-hostile until attacked.

  • Midnight attacked - All horses in the stable come to its aid.
  • Midnight reaches 95% health - Attumen spawns at her position.
  • Midnight or Attumen reach 25% health - Attumen mounts Midnight. The mounted Attumen has an amount of health equal to either Midnight or Attumen, the highest of the two.


Immunities: Taunt, bleed effects.


  1. Melee: Deals ~1800 damage per hit on plate.


  1. Melee: Deals ~2000 damage per hit on plate, ~8000 damage per hit on cloth.
  2. Shadow Cleave: A 180 degree cleave, deals ~4000 damage.
  3. Intangible Presence: A wide-area, 30 yard ranged curse. Reduces chance to hit with melee/range/spells by 50%, lasts 12 seconds. Cast every ~30 seconds.

Mounted Attumen

  1. All of Attumen's abilities.
  2. Berserker Charge: A random charge against a target not in melee range. Deals ~6000 damage on cloth and causes a knockdown effect.


Main Tank (MT)
Protection or Feral specced.
Off Tank (OT)
Same as MT.
Holy or Restoration specced. At least two.
Mage or Druid.



  1. Raid clears the entire stables.
  2. OT pulls Midnight. Raid starts DPS.
  3. When Midnight approaches 95% health -
    1. Hunter casts Misdirection on MT. When Attumen spawns, he immediately attacks him.
    2. Healers delay healing the OT, to avoid pulling Attumen when he spawns.
    3. Healing Priests can Power Word: Shield to avoid being one-shotted by Attumen if they attract aggro on him spawning.
  4. MT tanks Attumen, facing him away from raid member in melee range. OT tanks Midnight.
    1. Warrior disarms Attumen.
    2. Warrior uses Shield Reflect before every time Attumen casts his curse.
    3. Every time Attumen uses his curse, decursers decurse the raid DPS and tanks.
    4. DPS. Two options -
      1. Entire raid focuses on Midnight.
      2. DPS is distributed between Attumen and Midnight. This way, when Attumen mounts, he has less than 100% health. The downside is the OT will have to tank Midnight longer.
  5. When Midnight approaches 25% health -
    1. Same as (3.1) to (3.3).
  6. MT tanks the mounted Attumen.
    1. Tactics remain the same as (4.1) to (4.3).
    2. In addition, raid member standing outside melee range should be prepared to be charged and knockdowned by Attumen. Cloth wearers should maintain full health during this part, or risk being killed by the charge. Healers should be prepared to have their heals interrupted by the charge.


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