Boss Tactics: The Curator

Encounter Flow

Encounter Setup: Curator patrols the menagerie.

  • Every 10 seconds, Curator summons an Astral Flare with initial aggro on a player which is not its main target. This consumes 10% of its mana.
  • Every 100 seconds (10 Flares summoned), Curator enters an evocation state, which lasts 20 seconds.
    • Curator stops dealing melee damage or casting bolts. Flares are not being summoned.
    • When done, fight continues as before (melee, bolts and flares).
  • Curator reaches 15% health - Curator enrages.
    • Evocation stops immediately. Astral Flares are no longer being summoned.
  • After 10 minutes - the Curator berserks.



Immunities: Taunt, Mana draining spells, Poison, Bleed and Arcane based spells/abilities.

  1. Melee: Deals 3000 damage pet hit on plate.
  2. Hateful Bolt: An instant spell dealing 4500-6000 arcane damage. Used against the 2nd highest on the Curator's aggro table, every 10-15 seconds.
  3. Evocation: A channeling (non-interruptable) ability that replenishes the Curator's mana to full. Lasts 20 seconds. During this time, all damage against him is increased by 200%.
  4. Enrage: At 15%, the Curator enters the enrage state, increasing his damage and his bolt frequency.
  5. Berserk: After 10 minutes, Curator casts an undispellable debuff on the raid, increasing arcane damage taken by 500%.

Astral Flares

Immunities: Taunt, Stuns, Roots, Snares.

  • Melee: None.
  • Arcing Sear: A 10 yard instant cast, dealing 675-825 arcane damage, and chains up to 3 targets.


Main Tank (MT)
Protection or Feral specced.
Holy or Restoration specced. At least two.
Preferablly ranged due to the Flares' chaining Arcing Sears.


  1. Raid positions (after tank engages) -
    1. MT tanks the Curator at the center of the hall, far enough from the raids entry point to allow the DPS to spread along the walls.
    2. MT healer stands close to the wall, to the side of the MT.
    3. Ranged DPS spread along the walls, keeping a 10 yard distance between each other.
    4. Melee DPS attempt to fight at the center of the hall, yet at least 10 yards from the MT and MT healer.
    5. Pets. Two options -
      1. Melee pets attack the Curator doing the entire fight.
      2. A hunter pet capable of dealing enough aggro can attempt and tank the flares. In such case, he should be trained with Arcane Resistance.
    6. If someone notices a flare's sear chains to another member, he must reposition himself.
    7. DPS should move as little as possible, even when being aggroed by the flares, to prevent the sears from chaining to others.
  2. Tank engages the Curator. Raid enters positions.
  3. DPS -
    1. Everyone concentrates on taking down the flares, as long as one is present.
    2. Damage is done to the Curator only when there are no flares present.
    3. Warlocks can time their Curse of Doom on the Curator such that it deals damage to him when he is evocating.
  4. When the Curator evocates -
    1. DPS use damage increasing cooldowns (e.g. Hunter's Rapid Fire, Shaman's Heroism, Mage's Water Elemental…)
    2. Priests use their Shadowfiend to regenerate more mana, as it will deal 300% damage.


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