Consumables: Elixirs and Flasks

You know what the dwarves say - I don't drink anymore… Of course, I don't drink any less either!
So here's to drinking! *cheers*

I'm talking, of course, about stuff that makes you stronger. I'm talking about flasks and elixirs.
There are quite a bit of options laying around in alchemists' minds, so let's review the raid viable options, shall we ?

Links lead to elixir/flask description (where you can read about the effect and the materials required for its creation).
Links in italic mean the recipe for the elixir is rare, hence not every alchemist could make it.
Subtext indicates which classes the consumable is recommended for.

Battle Elixirs

  • Mastery Paladin, Melee Shaman, DPS/Off-Healer Druid, Hunter

Guardian Elixirs


My ol' pa' always told meh - Keep carryin' more than ye can drink, sonny. So I'm passing the advice to you.

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