Gear Druid



  • Health Pool: At least 14k health points.
  • Armor: 20k+ armor class.
  • Defense: 415 defense with (3/3) points in Survival of the Fittest talent, to grant immunity to critical hits.
  • Avoidance: At least 25% dodge, but not more than 35% (which will also reduce your aggro regeneration).
  • Idol: The first thing you wanna get as a tank, is the 20badge Idol of Terror, which has a chance to grant you 65 agility when using Mangle.

DPS (Feral)

  • Health Pool: At least 7000 hit points.
  • Attack Power: At least 2300. Once you start gearing up in epics, you should reach up to 3000.
  • Crit Chance: 30%-35%. Beyond that should be invested in Attack Power.
  • Hit Rating: 50-60 rating. Although cat form has very high attack speed, they do not count as duel wielders, thus require less hit rating.
  • Idol: The Everbloom Idol sold for 15 badges, which increases your Shred damage by up to 88. This is crucial for Karazhan as most mobs (if not all) are immune to bleed effects, making Shred your primary attack.
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