Gear: Paladin


Since the Paladin is a 3-roles-in-1 class, this depends heavily on your spec.

  • Health Pool: 12,000 hit points for Protection, at least 7000 both Holy or Retribution. Unbuffed.
  • Mana Pool: Lower bound values - 7000 for Holy, 4500 for Retribution, 5000 for Protection.
  • Armor: Only applicable to Protection, at least 12,000.
  • Defense: Again, only for Protection, you'll need 490 to be immune to critical hits.
  • Mana per 5: Relevant to Holy especially, aroung 70 MP/5.
  • Avoidance: Referring to Protection, this is the sum of your Parry, Dodge, Block and chance to miss hitting you from your Defense rating. It should sum up to 72.4% to become uncrushable. Notice that this number should not take into account either Holy Shield or Redoubt.
  • Bonus Healing: At least 1000 +healing.
  • Spell Damage: A Protection Paladin should reach 200 spell damage.
  • Attack Power: Retribution need at least 1350 AP.
  • Crit Chance: For Retribution - 25% melee crit, for Holy - 15% spell crit.
  • Hit Rating: A Retribution specced should aim for 100 hit rating.
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