Gear: Priest


In general:

For Karazhan you don't need much more +healing than 1000-1500.
After you get your gear into that range I would advice you to go for regeneration.
A regeneration of more than 125 mana per 5 seconds while casting can be a lifesaver.

And I don't want to put down any rules about your manapool, since it depends
more on your style. Learning to conserve mana is much more important than a big pool.
I would advice you to try to use as little mana as possible while healing instances, it will
help you a lot.

Before Curator

You will need:
- ~1000 +healing (unbuffed)

After Curator

You will need:
- Some more +heal (unbuffed)
- 7000 health (buffed)

More will appear, but this is a good start! If anyone has anything to add please contact me (Lilamayi)

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