How to use the Wiki ?

First of all…

What is a Wiki ?

I suppose the best explanation can be found in another wiki - you should have a quick look.
But since I'm so nice, I'll even explain it in my own words (and I suspect you haven't tried the link…) -
A wiki is a site that is a bit like a community - its members can shape it. Everyone can add of its own, and edit things, so eventually you get a product that has the consent of all its members (at least, to some extent).

How is WikiNi different ?

First of all, saying that everyone can change it is a bit of a lie… This wiki can only be edited by some of its members, but everyone can add new pages. Why, you ask ? Because maintaining a wiki is a lot of work, and the administrator doesn't have the time to review the changes made by everyone. To make things simpler, only moderators can alter content.
But I'll say it again - everyone can create new things.

How does it work ?

Each page has a little link on the bottom right, allowing you to "play" with what you are seeing. Even this one.
Notice the little edit button down there. Fancy to try it ? You'll probably get a message you are not allowed though, since you're probably not a moderator. Sorry.

Making a new page

Let's say you're a great Warlock, and you want to share your curses… I mean… knowledge with the others. Let's say you feel like writing about it, so others could read. How, you ask ?

Very simple - just enter the URL of a page that does not exist - for example : - and you will see a new page, informing you that page does not exist (duh!). You will also see a link allowing you to create a new page.
As easy as that - you start editing, save, and the new page is all yours.
You just need to get a link to it.

Linking your page

I'm afraid there is not a simple way to do this at the moment, since linking a page requires altering an existing one (like the menus for example). You'll need a moderator to do it for you.
But that isn't so hard.
Using the Contact Us link, send a personal message to one of the moderators, and we'll take care of it as quickly as possible.

Editing your page

After you've created a page, you have the privilege to edit it. Everyone can edit his own page (or his post in the forum while we're at it). It goes as simply as pressing that edit button, and the editing console will show up, just like when you've created the page.
You're done, you save, and the changes are already there.

Further possibilities

A wiki is a powerful tool.
First of all, you need to learn its language. This isn't your typical Microsoft Word, but it isn't much more complicated to use really. For starters, you got those nifty icons allowing you to bold, italic etc… In addition, there is a wiki syntax. Once you start editing, you'll notice two links at the bottom of your editing box. I suggest you check them out.

Second, a wiki maintains all the changes that have been done to it. By using the History button, you can see each and every version. Every time someone saved something, the wiki remembers. This way, even if you've made a mistake, you can revert back to a prior revision. This really helps when other people change things you've started.

What now ?

Feel free to play around and create a new page. If you know some things you think are worth sharing, we'll appreciate if you write about them.
World of Warcraft might be simple to play, but it's a rather complex game, and there is lots to learn about it. It'll be great if we can enrich ourself by sharing.

Happy Wikifying !

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