Shade of Aran

Encounter Flow

Encounter Setup:

  • Encounter phase 1.

Shade is in the middle of the room. Aran will USUALLY stay in the middle of the room. Sometimes he'll run around after someone if he has been silenced, but usually he'll stick to the middle area.

Aran is NOT TANKABLE. He does not maintain any sort of aggro meter whatsoever. As a result, his attacks are completely random. As a result, most tanks may as well switch armor to a more helpful set.

Paladins often put on their healing gear at this point and alternate between healing and DPS, Warriors and Druids go on to DPS gear.

Paladins are generally urged to put on their Frost Protection blessings to reduce general damage taken from Blizzard and Frostbolts (see below).

  • Encounter phase 2.

When his mana reaches 20%, he will Mass Polymorph most of the raid and begin drinking. After this, he will cast AOE Pyroblast which will hit everyone in the raid for approximately 6-7k damage. This is not as bad as it sounds. Originally the tactic was to interrupt as much of his spells as possible to conserve his mana, but the Polymorph will heal you all the way to full by the time he casts pyroblast, so nearly everyone in the raid should survive this. The really important part of the fight is that he needs to reach this stage at approximately 50% health; if this occurs right at 40%, this is almost definitely a wipe, due to #2 below.

  • Encounter phase 3.

When his health reaches 40%, he will summon 4 water elementals in each of the 4 corners of the round room. They do not have much health or armor and only last for 90 sec, but they will repeatedly hit players for around 2k damage per frost bolt. These are by FAR the most difficult part of the entire encounter. The method of controlling these must be decided ahead of time. A common strategy is to bring a warlock along who can Banish one, Fear another, and then have two tanks grab the remaining two. ALL DPS should shift focus to killing these elementals as fast as possible in a pre-determined order. If you can eliminate all elementals in a timely manner, and still have most of the raid alive, you can probably finish the encounter.

Abilities - Regular Attacks

The Shade has four basic attacks - three spell and one melee. Arcane Missiles, Fireball (with burn dot), frostbolt (with slow), and the melee. He can’t be silenced, but the spells can (and must) be interrupted. Point of information - if you interrupt the Arcane Missiles he’ll still spend the mana, but won’t cast the missiles (each about 1-1.5K, over 5 seconds.) The fireball and frostbolt, if interrupted, will also prevent the mana from being spent. The Shade prefers spells to melee, but will throw SOME melee in the middle of the fight, and if all his spells are interrupted he is no slouch at hand to hand.

His spells will do 4-6K damage and he gets them off fairly frequently. If he locks on someone it’s going to hurt — be prepared to splash a lot of heal on someone if they’re plunging in health.

Abilities - Special Attacks

  1. Flame Wreath - This ability has the highest possibility of wiping a raid, but is the easiest to avoid. This is a 5 second cast and a raid warning will show it is coming. ALL RAID MEMBERS MUST STAND ABSOLUTELY STILL AT THIS POINT. This is EXTREMELY important. When the spell completes, 3 raid members will be encircled by a ring of fire for 15 seconds. If they, or anyone in close proximity, moves or turns or jumps the ring(s) WILL detonate for a tremendous amount of damage and throw the people up into the air. This almost always leads to a wipe. HOWEVER - pets are NOT affected by this (they can still move), and you can still perform tasks like attacking the enemy, casting spells, etc. Just do not jump/turn/move otherwise.
  2. Blizzard - The least damaging and most annoying of his special abilities, it creates a tremendous blizzard towards the outer edges of about 1/3 of the room. It will then begin rotating around the room at a fair pace. Distance DPS/Casters/Healers are urged to pay very close attention to the Blizzard, and keep out of it. If you find yourself in it, get out as fast as possible - quickest method is to run right past Aran through the center of the room to the opposite wall. If you stay in it for long, it can kill you.
  3. Arcane Explosion - as soon as he begins casting, everyone in the raid will be pulled right to the middle of the room and most people will be Slowed. IMMEDIATELY BEGIN RUNNING TO THE OPPOSITE WALL! Do NOT turn, do NOT hit him, just run for the wall. Even with the effects of Slow (easily cancelled by Cleanse, Dispel, etc.) as long as you begin running IMMEDIATELY, you will make it to the wall with seconds to spare before he ends his 10 second cast. At that point, his explosion reaches ALMOST to the walls; if you are hugging the wall, you survive. If not, the 15,000+ damage will usually kill the player.

Immunities: Taunt


Main Tank (MT)
No need, constant aggro table cleansing
Any, three of them
Warlock for banish / fear elementals

Additional Info

A very comprehensive guide on much more detail can be found here


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