Rather then giving class specific macros, I'll be talking about macro concepts and tips in general.
These of course are not specifically for raiding, but as they give you more "power" as to how you can use your abilities, this can be a life changer in a raid.

I am assuming you know how to use the /macro console. If you do not, feel free to contact me in-game.

Mouseover targetting

Usually, in order to heal, buff or cast a spell on a a target, you must first select it. There are some situations though, where you'd like to affect someone, without deselecting your current target.
This can be done using either the mouseover system, or the focus system (which will be discussed further below).

When this can be useful: Some examples -

  • A healer who'd like to decurse/dispel a raid member, without losing his target on the Main Tank.
  • A Warrior tank who'd like to apply Sunder Armor on the off-target, without losing attacks on his current one.

How to write the macro:

/cast [target=mouseover] <SPELL NAME>

How to use the macro: Simply hover your mouse pointer over the target (you don't need to select it) and use it. The spell will affect it instead of your current selection.

Note: If you wish the macro to affect your current target when your cursor hovers over nothing, use the following -

/cast [target=mouseover] <SPELL NAME>>; <SPELL NAME>

Using Focus

Mouseover allows you to affect a target that is not selected, and so does focus. The difference is that focus can be set in advance, and requires no additional work on your part.

When this can be useful: Some examples -

  • For CC, when you're applying it again and again to the same target (e.g. Sheep, Fear, Shackle…), and you do not want to stop attacking your current target while refreshing it.
  • A tank could focus on his healer, so he can intervene him immediately without losing time selecting him.
  • A hunter could focus on the tank, so he performs Misdirection on him, and doesn't risk misclicking in the "heat of the battle".

How to write the macro:

/cast [target=focus] <SPELL NAME>

How to use the macro: Before the actual use of the macro, you must specify who your focus is. This is done by selecting the target and using the /focus command. Alternatively, you can use /focus <NAME>.
If you wish to review who your focus is, just use /target focus.
Once your focus is set, using the macro will automatically cast the spell on the focussed target, instead of the selected one.

Note: One could use the following macro to have a "single-button-utility" -

/focus [target=focus, dead]
/focus [target=focus, noexists]
/cast [target=focus] <SPELL NAME>

What this does is set the focus on the selected target for the first time you use it, and casts the spell for the first time. Consecutive uses will recast the spell on the same target, but you won't need to reselect it.
Be advised that this will keep the focused target until it is dead or no longer existing. If you wish to reset it, use /clearfocus.

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