Boss Tactics: Maiden of Virtue

Encounter Flow

Encounter Setup: Maiden stands alone.

  • Maiden attacks the player which is highest on her aggro list.
  • Maiden uses her various abilities -
    • Holy ground during the entire encounter.
    • Holy Fire randomly. Is not used while the raid is under the Repentance effect.
    • Holy Wrath every 20 seconds.
    • Repentance on random timings, but no more than once every 25 seconds.


Immunities: Taunt.

  1. Melee: Deals 2500–3500 damage pet hit on plate.
  2. Holy Ground: 12 yard AoE, dealing 240-360 holy damage and silences for 0.5 second each second. Cast repeatedly every 3 seconds.
  3. Holy Fire: Magic attack dealing 3500 fire damage and additional 1750 damage every 2 seconds for 12 seconds. 1 second cast, used on a random target not in melee range. Can be dispelled.
  4. Holy Wrath: Chained holy damage attack, ignoring pets, dealing 2000 damage to first target and increases by 40% for each target thereafter. Cast every 20 seconds on a random target in melee.
  5. Repentance: AoE 1500-2000 holy damage and incapacitates for 12 seconds, but breaks on damage. Used randomly, at most once every 25 seconds. Does not affect the Maiden's target.


Main Tank (MT)
Protection or Feral specced.
Holy or Restoration specced. At least two.
Priest, Paladin or Warlock with a Felhound pet. At least two. A Druid healer that can stack HoTs on the Holy Fire target, can effectively count as a dispeller.


  1. Raid positions -
    1. Each ranged and healer player should stand between a different set of pillars.
    2. MT tanks where the Maiden stands.
    3. Raid advances just enough inside the inner room so everyone is within Line of Sight of the healers/dispellers.
    4. In case Holy Wrath chains more than 2-3 players, further distance between close to the Maiden players should be taken.
  2. When Maiden casts Holy Fire -
    1. Dispellers dispel the effect as soon as possible. Alternatively, a Druid healer stacks as many HoTs on the target to keep it alive for the duration.
    2. Paladins cast Divine Shield to remove the effect.
    3. Rogues cast Cloak of Shadows to remove the effect.
    4. Mages cast Ice Block to remove the effect.
    5. Demonology Warlocks can use a Spellstone to remove the effect.
    6. A Restorative Potion can be used to remove the effect.
  3. Before the Maiden casts Repentance (pick one) -
    1. A Paladin healer casts Blessing of Sacrifice (rank 1) on a melee DPS (or the MT if no one is in melee range but him). This will cause Repentance do break on him, allowing him to heal the MT.
    2. Healers stack as many HoTs on the MT as possible, to keep him alive for 12 seconds, as they will be incapacitated.
    3. Either the Maiden or one of the healers (preferably one that cannot dispel) is moved such that Holy Ground will deal damage to the healer, and the Repentance effect will break.
    4. MT uses cooldown moves such as Last Stance, Shield Wall, Nightmare Seed or PvP trinkets.
    5. Melee DPS off-healers (Feral Druids, Retribution Paladins or Enhancement Shamans) leave the Holy Ground area as soon as Repentance breaks, then heals the MT.
    6. The Insignia of the Alliance trinket can be used to remove the effect.


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