25 Jan -
Thanks to the meaningful insights by Durbir, we now have a Feral gear section. Kitty cats and furry bears - enjoy.

24 Jan -
Addon section added.

23 Jan -
Please give a big hand to the royal entry of (Wo)Men in Tights!
The baddest group in town is now in business!
For more information, please check the forums.

21 Jan -
Slight redesign! TWSNi have joined forces with (W)MiT!

19 Jan -
Romulo and Julianne are back on stage. For more information, visit the Boss Tactics section.

17 Jan -
New "feature" in the wiki - Weekly saved players. You can reach it using the side navigation bar.
This will be updated weekly to indicate which players are saved for the week, and in which team.

16 Jan -
Welcome to the Opera! Please pick up your Big Bad Wolf program. It is now available.

15 Jan -
Gear guides are growing up, with Mage and Paladin gear guidelines, and an excellent forum post by Cathryn.
Also, the Curator tactics are now complete.

14 Jan -
Team declaration thread has been added to the forum. Remember to check it out frequently to know who's going on each team for the week.

Finally, the administrator has spent some of his precious time to explain in some words how to use the wiki.
And he's been even more generous than expected - TWSNi Fighters section has been revised, and useful links have been added to the top navigation bar.

12 Jan -
Warrior Tips added, and boss tactics for Maiden have been posted as well.
Macro guide written.

11 Jan -
Gear Guides and Tips fresh from the oven - currently featuring Holy Priest and Hunter flavour, but more will come.

7 Jan -
Consumables section has been revised. It now includes all Elixirs, Flasks, Potions and Buffing food you should consider taking to enjoy your raiding experience more. Reminder: Popcorn is not allowed inside the tower.

6 Jan -
New Boss Tactics section. Currently featuring the becrazed Attument and the bewitched Moroes. Hurry to read if you want to stand a chance on your next encounter.

31 Dec -
TWSNi is born ! Happy Birthday !
And what a coincidence, HAPPY NEW YEAR !

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