Boss Tactics: Opera - Big Bad Wolf

Encounter Flow

Encounter Setup: Friendly Grandmother stands on stage.

  • Interaction with Grandmother - She turns into the Big Bad Wolf, which attacks.
  • Randomly during the fight, Big Bad Wolf uses his Little Red Riding Hood debuff on a random target, then chases it.
  • When no target is Little Red Riding Hood, Big Bad Wolf attacks using a normal aggro table.


Immunities: To be verified Probably Taunt.

  1. Melee: To be added.
  2. Terrifying Howl: Instant AoE Fear for 3 seconds. Used every 20-25 seconds.
  3. Wide Swipe: Stuns the target for 4 seconds. Used every 20-25 seconds.
  4. Little Red Riding Hood: Undispellable debuff transforming a random member in Little Red Riding Hood. The debuff reduces all armor and resistances to 0, increases movement speed by 50%, pacifies (cannot attack) and silences. It lasts for 20 seconds, during which the Big Bad Wolf attacks the target, temporarily ignoring aggro.


Main Tank (MT)
Protection or Feral.
Holy or Restoration, two at least.


  1. Raid Positioning -
    1. MT tanks the Big Bad Wolf in a corner.
    2. Ranged DPS and Healers stand concentrated at a different corner.
    3. Such positioning allow as many raid members as possible to have a lead distance from the Big Bad Wolf if they are debuffed.
  2. Handling the Terrifying Howl -
    1. A Warrior can use Berserker Rage every 20-25 seconds in order to be immune.
    2. A Shaman can place a Tremor Totem during the fight or as he notices the fear.
    3. Priests can use Fear Ward to prevent the first fear instance.
  3. Handling the Little Red Riding Hood -
    1. Target of the debuff must flee from the Big Bad Wolf. Running pattern should be along the walls, but not hugging them, in a rectangular path. One must not run too far from the Big Bad Wolf or he will start "cutting corners" and close the distance much more quickly.
      1. Hunters can Feign Death to prevent being chased.
      2. Rogues can vanish and wait until the debuff is over.
      3. Tree of Life Druids should switch form immediately as it will still slow them down under the effect of the debuff.
    2. Healers heal the debuff target.
    3. Raid continues to DPS, while taking into account that the Big Bad Wolf's aggro table keeps updating, but he temporarily does not attack according to it.
      1. MT continues to use threat-generating attacks.
      2. DPS must control their threat, or risk being attacked by the Big Bad Wolf when the Little Red Riding Hood sequence is over.
    4. Warriors Intervene the debuff target to mitigate some of his damage. Additionally, using Thunder Clap on the Big Bad Wolf will reduce his attack speed.
    5. Paladins cast Blessing of Protection on the debuff target.
    6. Priests cast Power Word: Shield on the debuff target.
  4. A Mage can buff the raid with Amplify Magic, as the Big Bad Wolf deals melee damage only.


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