Boss Tactics: Opera - Romulo and Julianne

Encounter Flow

Encounter Setup: Julianne appears on stage, hostile.

  • Julianne dies - Romulo appears, immediately attacking.
  • Romulo dies - Julianne comes back to life, resurrects Romulo, then both attack.
  • Thereafter, either Romulo or Julianne dies while the other remains alive for more than 10 seconds - One resurrects the other.



Immunities: Silencing abilities. To be verified Probably Taunt.

  1. Eternal Affection: 2.5 seconds cast, healing for about a third of her life or a quarter of Romulo's.
  2. Powerful Attraction: 1.5 seconds cast, stuns a target for 6 seconds.
  3. Blinding Passion: 2 seconds cast, dealing 1500 holy damage then additional 750 every second for 4 seconds.
  4. Devotion: Dispellable self buff, increasing spell damage and casting speed by 50%. Lasts for 10 seconds.


Immunities: To be verified Probably Taunt.

  1. Melee: To be added
  2. Backward Lunge: Attack an enemy behind Romulo, dealing 1900-2100 damage and knocking back.
  3. Deadly Swathe: Cleave attack dealing melee damage plus 110.
  4. Poisoned Thrust: Instant attack dealing normal damage then stacking a poison debuff, reducing all stats by 10%, stacks up to 8 times.
  5. Daring: Dispellable self buff, increasing physical damage dealt and attack speed by 35%. Lasts for 8 seconds.


Main Tank (MT)
Protection of Feral. Crush immune preferred.
Off Tank (OT)
Same as MT. Warrior preferred (for Shield Bash).
Holy or Restoration. At least two.
Spell Interrupters
Mage, Shaman, Rogue, Warrior or Warlock with a Felhound pet.
Priest, Hunter, Shaman or Warlock with a Felhound pet.


  1. Julianne -
    1. MT tanks her in a corner.
    2. Spell Interrupters prevent her from casting any spell, thus reducing combat time (less heals) and overall healing needed.
    3. Dispellers remove her Devotion buff as soon as she casts it.
  2. Romulo -
    1. MT tanks him in another corner, with his back to a wall, but not against it.
    2. Melee DPS position themselves at Romulo's side, trying to avoid both his Backward Lunge and Deadly Swathe.
    3. Warrior disarms Romulo to reduce his damage output.
    4. Dispellers remove his Daring buff as soon as he casts it.
  3. Romulo and Julianne -
    1. Both rise where they died. MT tanks Romulo in one corner, OT tanks Julianne in the other.
    2. Individual boss tactics remain the same as mentioned above.
    3. DPS deals damage to either Romulo or Julianne until he/she reaches 10% of his/her life, then switch to DPS the other.
      1. Julianne's heals should be watched carefully. In case the first target's health rises above 10%, the raid must DPS it again before continuing with the other.
    4. Once the second target is dead, all DPS must return immediately to the first target, in order to kill it within 10 seconds.
      1. Failing the above will result in the first boss returning with full health to life. Raid condition permitting, step 3 must be repeated.


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