Boss Tactics: Opera - Wizard of Oz

Encounter Flow

Encounter Setup: Dorothee, Roar, Strawman and Tinhead appear on stage.

  • Moments from their appearance, the four become hostile in the following order - Dorothee, Roar, Strawman and lastly Tinhead.
  • Dorothee becomes hostile - She summons Tito.
  • Tito dies while Dorothee is alive - She enrages.
  • About 30 seconds after Tinman attacks - He starts stacking the Rust debuff.
  • Dorothee, Tito, Roar, Strawman and Tinhead are all killed - The Crone appears and attacks.


Immunities: To be verified All bosses are probably immune to Taunt.


Immunities: Spell Interrupting abilities. Has no threat table.

  1. Water Bolt: 1.5 seconds cast dealing 2k-2.5k frost damage.
  2. Enrage: When Tito is killed, Dorothee enters the enrage state, considerably increasing her casting speed.


Immunities: Fear Beast, Hibernate.

  1. Annoying Yipping: Pacifies and silences the target, rendering it unable to attack or cast spells for 2 sec.


  1. Melee: Deals 3000 damage per hit on cloth.
  2. Frightened Scream: Instant ability, causing 3 nearby targets to flee for 2 seconds.


  1. Melee: Deals 4000 damage per hit on cloth.
  2. Brain Bash: Melee attack, stunning the target for 4 seconds.
  3. Burning Straw: Fire spells have the chance to disorient Strawman for 6 seconds.


  1. Melee: Deals 1500-2000 damage per hit on plate.
  2. Cleave: Melee attack dealing damage up to 3 targets. Deals 4000 damage on cloth.
  3. Rust: 30 seconds after he spawns, and for every 6 seconds afterwards, Tinhead starts stacking the Rust debuff, slowing him down by 10% per stack. Stacks up to 8 times.

The Crone

  1. Summon Cyclone: Summons a cyclone that will move randomly around the stage. Players caught within the cyclone will be thrown in the air, consecutively absorbing fall damage.
  2. Chain Lightning: 45 yard range, 2 seconds cast, dealing 2.5k-3.5k nature damage up to 5 targets.


Main Tank (MT)
Protection or Feral specced.
Off Tank (OT)
Same as MT.
Holy or Restoration specced. At least two.
Fire Caster
Mage, Warlock or Shaman.
Hunter, Warlock or Priest.


  1. Initial pull -
    1. MT tanks Tinhead, leading him away from the group to avoid his cleaving attacks.
    2. Fearer(s) chain fear Roar.
      1. OT should aggro him so when fear breaks early, Roar will go for a tank instead of a fearer.
      2. When the Fearer is not a Warlock, more than one should be used to effectively chain fear him.
    3. Fire Caster kites Strawman.
      1. A Mage can use Scorch, Fireblast, Blast Wave and Dragon's Breath.
      2. A Warlock can use his Imp pet, Searing Pain, Immolate and Conflagrate.
      3. A Shaman can use Flame Shock, Magma Totem and Fire Elemental Totem.
  2. Kill order -
    1. Dorothee. As she does not have a threat table, she cannot be tanked, and will randomly attack different targets.
    2. Tito.
    3. Roar or Strawman. Depending on which is managed better.
      1. When the Fire Caster has difficulty in kiting him, Strawman should be killed first.
      2. When it proves to be too complicated to keep him feared, Roar should be killed first.
    4. Tinhead.
      1. At this point, he will probably have enough stacks of the Rust debuff to be easilly kited by the MT.
  3. The Crone -
    1. Tanked by the MT.
    2. DPS and healers spread to avoid being hit by chain lightning.
    3. All raid members move around the stage to avoid the cyclone.
      1. Instant abilities can be used while thrown in the air.
      2. Mages and Priests can reduce fall damage by using Featherfall or Levitate.


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