Consumables: Potions

Encounters make us thirsty, there is no arguing about it.
Some drinks before it, some drink after it, let's talk about drinking somewhere between those two chronological points.
Let's discuss Potions.

Links lead to potion description (where you can read about the effect and the materials required for its creation).
Links in italic mean the recipe for the potion is rare, hence not every alchemist could make it.
Subtext indicates which classes the consumable is recommended for.

Important: Bear in mind that all potions have a 2 minute cooldown. Once you drink one, you have to wait two minutes before you can drink another.

Restorative Potions

Potions that replenish health and/or mana.

Boosting Potions

Potions that boost up your damage output, albeit for a short while.

Protective Potions

Potions that protect you by absorbing damage, increasing your armor or reducing your threat.

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