Raiding Rules

Nobody likes rules. It makes things seem unnecessarily strict.
Fact is, without at least some, we tend to reach a confusing chaotic state.

We are not a raiding guild, but in order to raid efficiently and have fun (yes, these rules will make things more fun), one must obey the following:

  1. Be prepared. What does it means ?
    1. Be on time. Nothing is more frustrating for 9 chaps to be waiting for the 10th for half an hour. Plan in advance - don't start quests 3 minutes before the invite, or go to another instance 30 minutes before things are planned to be started.
    2. Be repaired. Illidan used to say: You are not repaired! Prove him wrong.
    3. Be supplied. Ammunition, Arcane Dust, Symbols, Seeds, food for pets, Bandages… If you've gotten far enough to be raiding, you're supposed to be a professional, don't look like a novice.
    4. Be supplied. Flasks, Elixirs, Potions, Buffing food, Scrolls, Sharpening Stones… Since you can't supply on luck, you better get something else that will increase our chances in there.
  2. Be patient. Yes, we are all very anxious to raid, overcome great challenges, and win incredible rewards for our effort. But it takes time to do it. Try to be understanding when things don't work out quite as planned.
  3. Be attentive. Raiding is the game's greatest challenge. Bad teamwork means no success, as simple as that. Listening to instructions is key. Doesn't mean military discipline is due, but know when to put joking aside for a while, and be focused.
  4. Be considerate. It takes much planning to put a raid on tracks. If you know you will have to leave earlier than usual, let the leader know. People will frown upon you if you inform them you have to leave 5 minutes before we reach a boss.
  5. Be responsible. We all make mistakes. You probably will too. No one will ever blame you for doing something wrong, as long as you are responsible enough to understand your error, and learn from it for the future.
  6. Remember the fun. There is going to be some stress, bear that in mind. We will probably wipe, again and again. There are going to be errors, sometimes delays, and on occasions no progress at all. Nevertheless, the experience is supposed to be fun, never forget it.

If you think about it, these rules actually make sense. One can compare it to being in a soccer (replace "soccer" with alternative sport if you wish, ferret chasing for instance) team - the players are expected to follow certain rules, it wouldn't work out otherwise.

Now comes a part I like less, but is necessary as well. Enter drill sergeant mode, following are things that will not be tolerated:

  • Being late with no reasonable explanation, or being methodically late.
  • Refusing to act as part of a team.
  • Being abusive to other raid members.
  • Attempting to "ninja" loot.
  • Doing the Leeroy Jenkins move more than once a raid. *wink*

Having said all that, I wish you become an excellent member of Those Who Say Ni, and expect us to wipe a lot together, but still have great fun and many memorable moments. *smile*

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