Setting up Voice (Ventrilo)

Voice Communication! - Writen by Durbir @ 4am in the morning, so dont mind the lame humor.
Something that is utilised by Team (Wo)Men in Tights.

No it isnt… Really!

If you are raiding with Team (Wo)Men in Tights, it is required you download a small free program for this.
To resolve any further concerns, this is 100% safe, secure and legal.

The reason we use this is to make it a lot easier in raid for Raid Leaders to drive the raid through the instance.
This means you dont have to talk. Ofcourse your free to speak to your fellow guildies if you wish, but its not obligated! Tho we do require you to listen in while you raid with Team (Wo)Men in Tights. It saves us a lot of trouble with having to type messages in situations where we just simply cant, but have to get a message over.

All this will require is this tiny peice of software called 'Ventrilo' which can be obtained here:
If your computer runs on Windows: Click Here and click on I Agree to download it.
If your computer runs on MacOS: Click Here and click on I Agree to download it.
If your computer runs on Linux: Your out of luck, doesnt run on Linux. Then again, Neither does World of Warcraft.

Once you finish installing it. Start it up.

Oh Noes! A window showed up! *PANIC!*
—Sorry sad attempt at humor there, lets continue.

It should look something like this:

Allright lets look at this bit first:

Start by clicking the top little arrow on the right hand side. (ya know, thats the hand thats not on the left!)
image3.jpg <= That one!

A new window appears! *POOF* That looks like this.

Now click on the new button to call up a nother window which looks like this! (Yes, i took -loads- of pictures!)

Now fill in your character name and click OK.
In the other window just click OK aswel.

Great! Thats step 1 complete! Step 2:

Click on the next little arrow down the list.
image4.jpg <= That one!

OH GOD! THE HORROR! So many options! BUT! Like the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy stated on its cover: DONT PANIC
It should look like this:

Go ahead and click the 'New' Button (Thats Right! Everything is New today! Spared no expense!)
And yes.. yet again.. a nother window appears:

Fill in '(Wo)Men in Tights' or whatever you want to name it. Its up to you really, for all i care you call it 'Epicz-R-Uz'…
And click OK.

Right, now its your mission to turn the left picture into the right picture.
In other words, Fill in the Hostname/IP and the Port. Ill put them here so you can easily Copy/Paste them into the window.
Hostname or IP - V44.DARKSTARLLC.COM
Port - 27259

image10.jpg => image9.jpg

After thats filled in, Click OK.

If you have a Microphone and are planning to talk with us, Then please read on. Otherwise:
—Congratulations you are now ready to connect to the server! Go ahead and click connect.

However! If you wish to talk, i would like to kindly request that you setup a Push-To-Talk key.
I will now walk you through setting this up.

Click on the Setup button.

Relax, its not that big a deal…

Check that the 'Voice' Tab is selected at the top and it should look like this:

Allright first turn this ON:

Now click in this white box down a little bit called Hotkey and then press the key that you want to hold to be able to talk:

After that, Click OK.

Now you need to hold down the key you just setup if you want to talk, and let go of it to stop other people from hearing you.
This stops a lot of background noise and such from enabling your microphone.

Now your entirely setup, Go ahead and click Connect.
If you did everything correctly, you should now be connected to the server.
If not, feel free to contact me Ingame on one of my Characters: Durbir, Elrenar or Ryn
Or ask in guild, Someone else might be able to help you aswel?

I hope it worked out for you, Have fun and Lewt Epix!

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